Mission, Vision & Corporate Responsibility

Potentia Renewable’s philosophy stems from the fundamental belief that long-term economic growth should not, and need not, be achieved at the expense of the environment. We believe that communities who break their dependence on fossil fuels to achieve economic growth can enable more sustainable platforms that will encourage future growth at a lower cost with less risk.

Our Mission

We will grow our operating portfolio substantially with solar and wind energy facilities complemented by energy storage solutions in North and South America. We will harness  the natural potential of renewable resources in an economic and socially responsible manner.

Our Vision

Potentia believes in a clean future for all, where  abundant and low cost renewable energy solutions fuel the world.  




Potentia strives to offer long term, sustainable solutions for a future powered by renewable energy.


At Potentia, we strive to ensure that safety of our operations underlines our business strategy, for the well-being our our staff, as well as for the success of our corporate model..


Our most valuable resource is the natural potential of our multi-cultural team. We foster a diverse and inclusive environment where staff can grow with the business.

Social responsibility

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy, Potentia supports local communities with a focus on education and children’s activities

Corporate social responsibility

As a renewable energy production company, corporate social responsibility is not only important to us – it’s an essential component to our continued growth and success.


Potentia is a proud supporter of

We are constantly looking for ways of supporting our local community. If you know of a worthy cause that you feel ranges with our corporate values, we look forward to hearing from you.