An Open Letter to Members of the Assiniboia Community

An Open Letter to Members of the Assiniboia Community on the Golden South Project and SARS-CoV-2 (updated 05:04pm CST April 12th, 2020)

Golden South Wind, LP (“Golden South”) and Borea Construction (“Borea”) take our collective responsibility to provide a safe working environment for our teams and for the communities in which we work very seriously. It is important for us to follow the advice of public health authorities and ensure that we safely deliver the Golden South Project and its renewable energy to SaskPower.

Borea has begun to mobilize on the Project work site to restart construction in order to receive wind turbines and start providing power to Saskatchewan. Service providers to utilities have been deemed Critical Public Services, and Construction activities in general are included on Saskatchewan’s list of Allowable Business Services. As such, we have taken significant measures to reduce the risk posed by the COVID-19 to our teams and the community while the sites remain in operation.

As a leading construction firm in Canada, Borea has established a COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan that can be found on Borea’s website at This plan is continuously updated as the circumstances evolve, follows the recommendations of all public health authorities around the Country, and includes mandatory measures to enforce physical distancing on-site and off-site for the staff and contractors.

According to this plan, prior to any employee or contractor arriving in the community, they must:

  • Complete a questionnaire to assess risk factors for COVID-19 infection;
  • Self-isolate for 14 days before travelling to Saskatchewan work site if they have been out of the country; and
  • Stay home if they show symptoms consistent with COVID-19

At the Project work site, the following additional measures are being taken:

  • All out-of-Province workers will, when first arriving in the area, be required to avoid all contact with the local community for a period of 14 days, moving directly from their accommodations to the work site;
  • A “Virtual Work Camp” policy is in place, where all workers who have gone through the mandatory 14-day segregation described above will be strongly advised to maintain the segregation for the foreseeable future, minimizing all community contact;
  • In order to minimize the need for workers to interact with the community, Borea is working with local businesses to set up deliveries to site;
  • We will also hire “runners” who will safely deliver items from local businesses to the accommodations of the workers when needed;
  • An on-site fueling station will be set up at the work site so that workers do not need to use in-town fueling facilities
  • A nurse is posted on site and will take the temperature of every person entering the site to ensure that no one with a fever is inadvertently allowed on site;
  • Anyone with a fever will be refused entry to the site and they will be directed to call the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s HealthLine at 811 and follow their directions; and
  • If an out-of-town worker is advised by the Health Authority to isolate or quarantine, Golden South and Borea will provide a location for the worker to quarantine that does not require the worker to travel
  • We will continue to adapt the response plan to comply with the directives of the Government of Saskatchewan.

If you own a business that would like to work with Golden South and Borea to ensure that we minimize community interactions, please reach out to Juergen Krauss at or (204)927-0296.

This is an unprecedented and dynamic situation. We will continue to monitor this situation as it evolves and explore all options with the local community to ensure that we deliver the Project as safely and effectively as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Golden South or Borea at the contact information below:

Golden South: