Career Opportunities

Potentia employees are the strongest engine behind our business. We are a dynamic and passionate team that is motivated by what we’re doing. We are passionate about the environment and we consider it our personal mission to help build a cleaner tomorrow for us all to enjoy.

Our diverse group includes employees originating from approximately 30 countries, on 4 continents. The Potentia Team is the epitome of cooperation beyond cultural differences, and our constant progress as a company proves how well this diversity works in Potentia’s favour.

Potentia’s team has developed, constructed, owned or operated approximately one-third of Canada’s rooftop solar installations and 20% of Canada’s wind capacity.

Potentia Renewables is always looking to attract and retain exceptional people with expertise in the renewable energy industry, and, more particularly, with knowledge in electrical engineering, construction management.

If you are just as passionate about renewable energy and have related experience, we invite you to send us a resume to

You can now visit our Career Center to see all available openings and apply.

Potentia Renewables is an equal opportunity employer.

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