Ground-breaking Ceremony on the Canoa Solar Park in Barahona, Dominican Republic

Barahona, March 6, 2018 Danilo Medina, the president of the Dominican Republic, along with members of his government, legislators, local authorities and executives of the Canadian company Potentia Renewables and its investment partner Cisneros celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony of the Canoa Solar Park today. The Canoa Solar Park is a renewable energy project located in Barahona, with an initial investment of about 40 million dollars.

The Canoa Solar Park, with a capacity of 25 megawatts in its first phase, has an annual output sufficient to supply 10,000 households with electricity. The project is expected to be completed within a year. The project is the result of the Dominican Governments Support Plan for Renewable Energy Projects, administered by the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE).

In his address to attendees, Jeff Jenner, the CEO of Potentia Renewables, highlighted the importance and pride of being part of a project resulting from President Medinas Governments initiative introducing alternative energy into the Dominican Republic: “being part of this clean energy supply program motivates us to work hard for the good of the community of Canoa, the country, and the planet” he said.

In a similar vein, Dania Fermin, the original project developer, shared with attendees how the idea of this solar park was born, and stressed that the project symbolizes an important step in the countrys progress as a society. “From our modest family business, my children and I could work on the development of a high-tech project, and benefit from the trust of first-class investors such as Cisneros and Potentia,” she said.

Finally, Fernando Joffre, Director of Business Development with Potentia Renewables and the Manager of Emerald Solar Energy, highlighted the confidence that inspires foreigners to invest in the Dominican Republic, saying the“the economic and social stability, as well as the level of legal security, encouraged us to come here to grow together with the Dominican society into the future.”

At the end of his speech, Joffre referred to the benefits of Potentias first experience in the Dominican Republic. He related that, as theyve developed the project up to this point it has been clear that this is a new industry for the country. However, he said, ” with the continued mutual cooperation of the regulatory bodies and the developers, we can work to be part of a continuous improvement process for the benefit of the sector and of the country.”

Ernesto Villalta, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, also shared a few words wishing the project success, concluding that the event was celebrating a symbolic project in renewable energy, aligned with President Medinas strategy and with the National Action Plan for energy and sustainability up to 2030. “Today this project is no longer an adventure and begins its construction to become reality,” he said.

Rubn Bichara, Executive Vice President of the CDEEE, recalled the moment when the renewable energy plan of the Presidents Office started taking shape. Taking into account all projects in advanced development and construction, the plan will result in renewable energy providing more than 15% the nations energy supply by 2020, noting that this is why todays event ” and fills us with satisfaction. I wish the greatest success to the Canoa Solar Park project, especially as it has accepted the challenge of being commissioned this year. “

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