Potentia Renewables Inc. To Receive First Blades at Golden South Wind Project

Picture and aerial video footage courtesy of Port of Vancouver, USA.

VANCOUVER, Washington (May 4, 2020)  Nine of the 50 wind turbines of the Golden South Wind Project have been delivered to port via MV Star Kilimanjaro over the past weekend. The blades for Goldwinds GW136/4.2 megawatt (MW) turbines, each 67 meters in length (220 ft.) have been produced and shipped from China.

Totran Transportation Services will transport the 27 wind turbine blades and related components to Saskatchewan throughout a period of 21 weeks. Over the course of summer, a combination of the GW 136/4.2 and GW 155/4.2 MW wind turbines will be delivered, some of them with blades measuring up to 76.2 meters (250 ft.). These will be the longest wind turbine blades featured on a wind project situated in North America.

We are very excited to see the project progress from the current preparatory construction efforts to the arrival of the wind turbine equipment at the site this summer, said Jeff Jenner, Chief Executive Officer of Potentia Renewables Inc. We thank everyone at the port and others involved in the transportation and handling of this equipment for their efforts during these unusual times.

The Golden South Wind Project features Goldwinds latest PMDD turbines and is slated to generate approximately 900,000 megawatt-hours of electricity, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions compared to a coal-fired plant. The project broke ground in 2019 and is expected to open in 2021.

For more details, see the full press release of the Port of Vancouver, USA.

You may click the image below to view aerial video footage of the event, courtesy of the Port of Vancouver, USA.

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