Beechy Wind Energy Facility

Portfolio Description

The Beechy Wind Energy Facility is located approximately 180km south-southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and 120km north-northeast of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, in the Rural Municipalities of Victory and King George.

In development since 2008 the proposed Beechy Wind Energy Facility consists of approximately 60,000 acres of leased agricultural land. The project will consist of up to 59 turbines, an electrical collection system, access roads and the construction of new wind collector substation. The turbines in the project will be connected through a 34.5 kilovolt (kV) underground collector line system that converge at the proposed wind collector substation. The project will have a temporary laydown area during construction and an operations and maintenance building during the life of the project. The project will require construction of new access roads and upgrades to existing roads in the area. These roads will transport materials for turbine assembly during the construction stage, and to access turbines for regular maintenance during operation. PRI will look to the local community where possible during construction for local trades and other business opportunities.

Capacity (MW) 200
Proposed Construction TBD
Estimated COD TBD
Energy Type Wind energy