Stirling Wind Project

Portfolio Description

The Stirling Wind Project (Project) began development in 2007 and includes approximately 17,000 acres of land located five kilometres northeast of the Town of Stirling. The Project is located in townships 7-18-W4M, 8-18-W4M and 7-19-W4M on privately owned cultivated land and will generate clean energy while allowing landowners to continue with their daily activities. The Project area has an excellent wind resource which has been verified with over seven years of collected onsite wind data.

The Project will be approximately 113 megawatts (MW) in size and is anticipated to be under construction in 2019. The Project involves the installation of up to 32 wind turbines, an electrical collection system, access roads and the construction of a new wind collector substation, called the Red Coat Substation. The turbines in the Project will be connected through a combination of 34.5 kilovolt (kV) above ground and underground collector lines that connect at the proposed Red Coat Substation. The Project will also require a temporary laydown area during construction and also an operation and maintenance building during the operation of the Project.

The Project will also require construction of new access roads and upgrades to existing roads in the area. These roads are required to transport materials for turbine assembly during the construction stage, and to access turbines for regular maintenance during operation. SWLP will look to the local community where possible during construction for local trades and other business opportunities.

The Project proposes to connect to Albertaís electric grid through an existing 138kV transmission line located west of the Project. This interconnection process is being covered under a separate consultation and application process conducted by AltaLink.

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Capacity (MW) 113
Proposed Construction 2019
Estimated COD 2020
Energy Type Wind energy